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Paranormal Contractors

For THINGS that go bump in the night


About Paranormal Contractors

Unexplainable, mysterious, undetectable…

PARANORMAL CONTRACTORS was created to help individuals that are suffering from unknown and unexplainable disturbances. Our objective is not to prove, or to disprove, the existence of the paranormal, but rather to assist victims by providing them with closure.

PARANORMAL CONTRACTORS mission is to investigate, authenticate and remediate each scene, on a case by case basis. We believe that every one individual’s situation, is completely and entirely unique, unto itself.

With close to two decades as a Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaner, PARANORMAL CONTRACTORS comes from the dark and creative mind of Christian Cadieux. By working in environments, surrounded by extreme energy deriving from traumatic events, Christian is no stranger to “THINGS that go bump in the night.” By understanding the environments, that host paranormal anomalies, and by studying their algorithms, this real-life “John Constantine” has developed a methodology on how to remove them.


We investigate with an open mind and a logical approach. We gather necessary evidents to 

We always create a plan first and follow it in order to elucidate a mystery. 

We gather evidence and analyze it in order to find out the truth 

After finding out what happened we compile a report with the facts that comes out

Paranormal Contractors Media

A few of our investigations caught on camera